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My Dream Doodle Puppy Pma

My Dream Doodle Puppy PMA

      Herein after referred to as MDDP

 Sun City, Florida


 Private Sale Contract 

Owner or custodial agent  ("client") for any puppies/dogs bought from My Dream Doodle Puppy, hereinafter MDDP, agrees to and enters this private contract for buying a puppy/dog from MDDP that includes any and all services provided to Client by MDDP based on this PMA contract.

Client agrees that it is Client's responsibility to follow any and all take home instructions regarding client's puppy/dog.

Client agrees that any dissatisfaction with MDDP'S puppies/dogs or services or dispute with MDDP for any reason concerning the puppy/dog shall be intended to be satisfied and settled by internal consultation with  MDDP and, only then, if necessary, by litigation in the county or state court of competent jurisdiction in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Client agrees that all records authored or created by MDDP including, but not limited to puppy/dog health history, pictures, breeding records, and sale contract are the private property of MDDP and not subject to inspection or evaluation by any corporation representing itself as providing " government " services. ( see article1, §§ and 28, constitution of the State of Florida (1968).)

Any third party seeking to join this contract at any time agrees to provide MDDP the joinder fee of Ten  Thousand Dollars. real money of The United States of America,

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