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Pick up/Shipping

SHIPPING: We of course welcome you to pick up your puppy, however we understand that many of our new puppy parents are not within driving distance. Shipping is available in the US . I will not ship overseas. We can refer you some  professional ground transport ( but we don't really like to ship them with ground shipping if you are too far it's too long and stressful for the puppy) If ground transport is not available in your area, we can meet you at the airport if you want to fly to pick him/her up. Shipping via Professional Pet Transport typically costs between around $400 and $550 depending on your location. price are just an estimate.

You should  contact one of them and make arrangement yourself and pay them directly ( but you should confirm with us before  choosing a day and time).  The puppy should must be paid in full 2 weeks before being shipped. For the final payment we only take paypal ( friends and family or Walt mart moneygram and now we also accept Zelle.

In cabin - Flying your puppy back home with you!
 For the comfort of our puppies and the time and money invested into shipping, we have realized that you flying into Tampa Bay airport and taking the puppy back on the plane with you, is not only cheaper and less work, it is also safer and less stressful!!  of course if you would like us to bring your puppy to you at the airport we will do it or we can meet somewhere else  to pick your puppy up as well if you choose to stay a night. Now we charge 100. To meet you at the airport because it’s over an hour one way from us, the price of our puppies are low and the price of everything are very  high now ( vet , gas, food, health certificate, microchip, deworming, shots etc…) 

you can have your puppy flight with a nanny usually the price is 450-550.00 but again all depends on your location and the company that you choose.

(336) 399-9714 ( this company is USDA Licensed and Insured.)

 Also Flight Nanny Sur Murphy, contact Sue by phone to schedule your airport delivery. (970) 417-1678.  

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