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Chow Chow/Chowdoodle

Chow Chow

We decided to make this information page about Chow Chows and Chowdoodles because there is a lot of false information about Chow Chows on internet or from people that never owned one, So they don't really  know what they are talking about. Information from people that had one or more in their life ( of course, responsible owners, not people that never correctly socialized their puppy or kept them in an outside kennel or tied to a tree all the time) is more accurate.

we have had Chow chows in our lives since 1986 so we really know the breed. They are amazing dogs.

Chow Chows have particular  characteristic :

-They are the oldest dog breed in the world and genetic testing has proven that to be true. 

-Their tongue is blue 

- They have 44 teeth instead of 42 like other dogs.

- Because of his deep-set eyes, the Chow Chow has limited peripheral vision; it's best to approach him from the front.

-odorless, quiet and clean natured

- the Chow is perhaps the cleanest dog of all. Most puppies are easily housebroken by the time they are eight weeks.

- stilted gait (

- Confident and self-reliant

-Even-tempered; adaptable to a wide variety of environments.


-Quiet—not much of a barker

-According to the American Kennel Club, the Chow Chow, an “all-purpose dog of China" was used for hunting, herding, pulling and protection of the home. Now they are classified non- sporting dog.

-Formidable guard dog 

-They're suspicious of strangers and must be well socialized when they are young.

- Chow Chows are very attached to their family.

- Chows are good with children and other animals. Again they must be well socialized when they are puppies.( like any breed, but chows are more protective toward their family than most other breeds so it's important to get them used with strangers, other animals and children when they are puppies.

-He minds his own business and does not generally initiate trouble.

-The Chow Chow has a cat-like nature. They are dignified, clean, and reserved/ independent.

-Docile and devoted.

-The Chow Chow is a highly intelligent dog.

-The Chow Chow is a heavy seasonal shredder.

-Requires minimal exercise

 likes to take it easy when not engaged in activity.

- Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of the Chow Chow is about 15 years of age.

- Lots of celebrities owned Chow Chows like the Queen Victoria and Elvis Presley and several others )

This is an EXCELLENT website about Chow Chows. 


Why Cross Chow Chow with Poodle??

The goal to mix two different breed together is to bring some positive trait.

when they started to mix Golden and Labrador with Poodle, it was to have  low to non-shedding hypoallergenic service dogs for people allergic to dogs.

What other things do those mixes bring in the breed?

Poodles, Goldens, and Labradors are all hunting dogs with high energy. 

Some breeders that have never owned a Chow and don't like the breed say that Chow Chows and Poodles are two breeds too different to mix them together. 

Well then what is the point to mix two breeds almost identical together then? Breeding two hunting breeds only increases the high energy both breeds already have, as well as increase the chances the dog could have separation anxiety since many of those breeds are prone to that. Most people buy these types of doodles but have neither the time nor the energy to give them the exercise they need. 

Poodles: They need a good deal of daily exercise. Their high energy level require brisk walks, jogging, swimming, and/or vigorous play sessions to keep them fit, satisfied, and calm indoors.

Poodles also need a lot of daily companionship. They suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety if left alone too much.


 These dogs can be a bit needy. Not needy in the sense of maintenance, but attention. Once they’re integrated into the heart of a family they rely on that love, and in its absence can grow tireless, anxious, and a bit destructive.

This means they’re not a good fit for the owner that doesn’t have ample time to spend with their canine, and will leave their dog at home for long periods of time.

Since Golden Retrievers suffer from separation anxiety, they need to be in a household where they will have constant stimulation and people around.

As stated above, Golden’s have a lot of energy. While this is often just an aspect of their temperament, and something often loved, it can become problematic. Some owners read up on Goldens, see that they don’t need as much exercise as most retrievers, and then plan accordingly only to realize that their canine has an endless reservoir of energy. Goldendoodle are good dogs but not for everyone, preferably for  active Family.

Mixing Chow Chow to Poodle brings lots of positive traits in the Chowdoodle

The Chow Chow is a low energy, calm dog.

Since the Chow Chow is not a destructive breed and independant, it can make a dog more balanced and that will not suffer from anxiety and without the tendency to destroy your furniture. 

Chow chows shed a lot , mixed with a poodle, they are low to non-shedding.

Chowdoodles inherited the best Chow quality that everyone would want in every breed, they are naturally clean and learn to be crate trained and housebroken by themselves most of the time.

Chowdoodles are not a hyper breed and don't require lot of exercise  like Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Sheepadoodles etc.. because Chow chows are a calm breed, unlike the other breeds poodles are often bred with ( those breeds are hunting/herding dogs, which are hyper dogs that require a lot of exercise).

Chow Chows are not a barking breed and our Chowdoodles do not have the tendency to be  barkers. They get along very well with anyone, kids, and other animals.

Chowdoodles are highly intelligent and learn very fast. Lots of our customers tell us that in the first days/week their puppy learned to sit, give a paw, their name, even some have learned to lay down and stay.

ALL of our customers who have bought a Chowdoodle are very satisfied with their puppy/dog, impressed by how smart they are and their excellent temperament.

You can see it for yourself when you visit and read all of our testimonials on our website and comments on our Facebook page made by them.

Chowdoodles are EXCELLENT family dogs. We know it, but don't just take our word for it, ask them. They are your best resource.

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