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The veterinary profession is broken.

Sound a little harsh?

Despite the MANY advances in medicine, modern dogs are living shorter, sicker lives than their ancestors.

And, the most arguable and common problem in veterinary medicine is over-vaccination.

Are you aware of the potential complications every time your dog is vaccinated?

No? You’re not alone …

Over-vaccination can lead to adverse reactions such as:

💉 Sneezing
💉 Behavioral changes
💉 Arthritis, polyarthritis
💉 Vaccine injection site sarcomas
💉 Seizures

That’s just a handful … there’s many more!

Here’s what one vet had to say about their training on vaccines:

“My training in vet school was not complete with regard to the harmful effects that vaccines have on the immune system.” - Dr Jeff Feinman

It’ll be hard for you to hear this, but most veterinary colleges are financially aligned with pharmaceutical companies. That means the people teaching your vet about vaccines are the people profiting from them.

You are the only thing that stands between your dog and harmful veterinary over-servicing.

So what can you do about it?

✅ Demand informed consent and full disclosure
✅ Refuse all unnecessary vaccinations
✅ Insist that any and all vaccine and drug reactions are reported to the right agencies

There are good holistic vets out there and if you give them your money instead of the vets who choose to over-vaccinate, you’ll force the rest of those vets to also start learning about natural health care.

Educate yourself and refuse unnecessary vaccination for your dog. Help fix what’s broken with the veterinary system.

See what the other vets had to say about their vaccine training … and gain some powerhouse tips to bring to your dog’s next vet visit:…/…  

The vaccine schedules vets use on dogs have zero science behind them.

Does that surprise you?

Here’s how we got into this mess ...

Back in the mid 70’s, vaccines were licensed by the USDA.

They were based on challenge studies that were done for only a few weeks to a few months …

Because of that short period of testing, all vaccine labels had this statement on them: “Annual Revaccination Recommended.”

But nobody REALLY knew how long those vaccines would last ... because nobody bothered to test them for more than a few months!

💉 So vets got into the habit of vaccinating every year.

But immunologist Dr Ronald Schultz didn’t believe this was safe.

Dr Schultz tested well over 1,000 dogs and tested all of the major veterinary vaccines.

And he found there was zero need to repeat core vaccines.

In any dog.

Because the core vaccine protect for life.

🚫 So why do vets ignore research and vaccinate dogs too often?

The veterinary associations only make recommendations; vets can vaccinate your dog as often as they want without any recourse.

Said another way, the one person who decides how often your dog is vaccinated gets paid every time your dog is jabbed.

Is it any surprise that vets are vaccinating way more often than is safe or scientifically recommended?

How do you put an end to the unsafe and unacceptable practice of over-vaccination?

Educate yourself.

PS: Vets knew vaccines protect for life over 3 decades ago.

Don’t wait for your vet to change. He had his chance.

Be your dog’s voice. He relies on you to protect him from over-vaccination ...

Find out how many unnecessary vaccines your dog gets with this quick guide: 

Over-vaccinating and the overdosing of pet vaccines has become a global issue. 5lb dogs are receiving the same dose of the rabies vaccine as 150lb Great Danes, and vets are now witnessing terrible side effects.

created by: Rodney Habib

Vaccines offer lifelong protection, too many vaccines create disease. Learn more about minimizing toxins that may be putting your pet at risk! Take the chemical quiz here:

created by: Rodney Habib

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