I decided to make this page to help people to recognize a scam, because now people are so scared to be scammed that they don't use their common sense and see them everywhere

Scams: Don't have a professional website with lots of information on it. Websites take hours and hours and hours of work to make. It costs several hundreds of dollars plus you need to buy and pay each year to have it published and for the domain name. Scams want to make some money, not spend it.

SCAMS: doesn't have an older Fb page ( sometime they have one but it was recently created)  because they are reported to Fb fast by people they have scammed and are shut down by them.

SCAMS;  Don't have a Fb with hundreds of followers, scams don't have customers posting comments or pictures of their puppy on the  page, and they don't have any testimonies or reviews.

Scams can't send you a picture with your name on a piece of paper beside the puppy you are interested in.

Scams: can't send you a ton of pictures or videos of the puppies because they don't have the puppies.

Scams: (most of the time)  scams don't have a local number or even a US number. If the person tells you that they are in Tampa but have an area code of another state, country or even one of  Miami, well you should ask them more questions and prove that they really have the puppy that you are interested in.

SCAMS: They can't update pictures of their puppies from the time they are born until they are ready to go, because they don't have them.