Meet the Gorgeous Girls


Bernese Mountain Dog

Stella is an AKC Bernese Mountain dog. She is a young girl and has never had any puppies yet. Stella is an adorable and happy girl. She is easy going and very affectionate. She is with us only when she has puppies.


Bernese Mountain dog

Luna is Stella's sister.  She is bigger than her sister and a bit more independent but she is also a real sweetheart and has a good temperament.


F1 Labradoodle

Ruby is a big and  muscular  Labradoodle. She is around 50 lbs. She has a wonderful temperament and only wants to be cuddled. She is with us only when she has puppies.


F1 Chowdoodle

Dolly is a first generation of Chowdoodle. She was born at our place and we own her parents and grand parents. Dolly is an AMAZING dog. She is calm, very easy to train, she never barks, is very attached to us, loves everyone and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is very intelligent and she loves to play with a ball. Dolly is small, only around 26 pounds and only 18 inches at the shoulder. In this picture she just had her fur cut. She usually has long hair and looks like a teddy bear.


F1 Boxerdoodle

Boxie is a first generation of Boxerdoodle. She is only 30 pounds.


F1 Labradoodle

Angel is a F1 Labradoodle. Angel is a very sweetheart girl that always want to please you and she love to be pet.


F1B Goldendoodle

Ginger is a F2B Goldendoodle. She is only 20 inches and around 30 lbs. She is in a foster home. She is with us only when she has puppies.


F1B Chowdoodle

The pictures don't do her justice. She is GORGEOUS and has a wonderful temperament. She is a small girl 19 inches at the shoulder and around 32 pounds.



 Koda is a purebred akc Newfoundland. She's a big girl 29" at the shoulder and over 125 lbs. She's extremely intelligent and affectionate.

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