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We take Zelle, cash app, Western Union, personal check (with 7 days to clear), Walmart Moneygram  for deposit ONLY.  The balance is always cash on pick up. We have lots of our past customers on our FB page that you can talk with and see their puppies for references.

I require a $300. non-refundable Reservation Fee which I apply toward the total price  of the puppy to reserve a puppy that is already born or 300.00  not refundable on a future litter. I do.  NO HOLD WITHOUT RESERVATION FEE.

The reservation fee  is non-refundable, but transferable ( one times only) you must contact us before the puppy reaches 4 weeks if you choose to transfer, or you will lose your deposit.

In the event a particular dog does not produce her litter, reservations for that litter will be carried over to the next litter. REFUNDS We are not able to offer cash refunds of any kind. Any reservation is non-refundable, but it is transferable. Transfers may be made from one breed to another or one litter to another.

 The first reservation fee received on a waiting list, will have the first pick of the litter and so on. The  reservation fee will be deducted from total sales price of the puppy. Puppies cannot be held for anyone until the reservation fee is received. THE RESERVATION FEE IS FOR A PUPPIE THAT IS NOT READY TO GO NOW. If the puppy is ready to go you don’t need to send a deposit unless you really want him and can’t pick him up now. 

We offer a 10% discount to any Military/Fire/Police families with proper ID. ( discount it only applies for the person purchasing the puppy) and to our return customers

My Dream Doodle Puppy reserves the right to void the transaction and refund the reservation fee if we learn of any reason the buyer might not be suitable for the puppy –( i.e. Buyer is found to be a representative of a Pet Store, representative of a pharmaceutical research laboratory, puppy broker, puppy mill etc..).


When picking up your pup the balance is due in cash only.

For puppies that need to be ship the balance is due a week before they leave. 

Selection process.​

You cannot visit puppies until they are 8 weeks old and have had their first vaccinations. This is our VET's RULE and is for the safety and health of your puppy and their siblings. You will initially select your puppies through photos/video. We are not a pet shop, we are a family home and visits will be coordinated with us when the puppies are 8 weeks old, vaccinated and ready to go and in a public place ONLY. To pick up your puppy or see the ones that we have left, we will set up a meeting in a public place only. No pickups will be done at our home for safety reasons ( diseases  like parvo that is very deadly and contagious please visit the page about parvo that we have one our website ), theft and insurance liability. Those things are very common and some breeders were also killed during a home invasion to steal their puppies and some lost all their puppies from parvo after some customers that visited a pet store or another breeder's brought it to their place. Here is just a few examples.

Aloha Ranch comment on Fb

~~~~VERY SCARY!!!~~~ Kansas Poodle breeder Lori J. Heimer was found murdered in her kennel 2 days ago. She was showing puppies to a potential "puppy buyer." A check of the internet shows she has puppies available that she was listing for sale. They came and murdered her while showing them her pups!!!

Again, if you are a breeder in today’s world, NO VISITS TO YOUR HOME. I don't care how much the public whines that they want to see mummy and daddy or how convenient it is to you to not have to go anywhere... make them meet you in a public location. A very public location. Insist on the parking lot of your local police station if needed.

 If you select and reserve your puppy before he is ready to go we will do our best to provide you with updated photos ( and video if possible) of your  puppy! but we will post them on our website we can't send it individually to each buyer, it will take too much time. Please do not request any additional pictures or videos. Our time is better spent caring for and nurturing the puppies. Please understand that our photo days are a lengthy and time consuming process. If you see any additional pictures of any available puppies, please understand these pictures are necessary to find that puppy a family of it’s own. We understand you are excited to see and meet your new puppy.

At approximately 8 weeks and some days old, there will be a designated puppy pickup day after their vet appointment. All puppies must be picked up on the chosen day. Please plan accordingly. Any puppies retained after puppy pickup day will be assessed a $15 per day fee which must be paid in advance. Please understand that at that point it becomes increasingly difficult for a single puppy to remain here. If you do not live locally and your puppy requires transport, we will work with you to choose an agreeable date and time.

 All puppies are sold as pets, companions or working dogs and not as breeding or show dogs. Price of puppies includes:

a Complete Physical check up from our Vet, Parvos shot at 5 weeks old, first Set of Shots, Multiple Dewormings starting at 2 weeks old, Current Florida Health Certificate,  microchipped, first month of fleas/heartworms prevention, 2 Year Written Health Guarantee, as well as a lifetime return policy. You can return your puppy to us anytime but NO refund unless it’s for something in the health guarantee.

 Also a Sample of Food, and a  blanket with the scent of her/his mother, ( if we still have some in hand)


Litters at My Dream Doodle Puppy are not routinely registered. Registries such as American Kennel Club, aka AKC, were formed to verify that puppies are purebred. Doodle puppies are a hybrid or a cross between two or more breeds and are therefore not purebred. The % of each breed CAN’T be guaranteed because after the first genetic percentages can vary from puppy to puppy. ( we sometimes can have some purebred puppies and when it’s the case they are sold as a pet only without any registration papers) and are not eligible for AKC registration. There are other registries available for hybrid dogs but they serve no purpose than to collect money for registering puppies.

PLEASE NOTE: It will be up to us, the breeders, to decide when the puppy will be ready to go to its new home. Usually at the age of 8-9 weeks, but never before 8 weeks old. 

In Florida all puppies must have a Florida Health certificate that certifies the perfect health of your puppy ( your puppy would not be able to have a Fl health certificate if it wasn't found in perfect health. That includes ear mites and worms ... ) before it can be rehomed. This health certificate CANNOT be given to a puppy under 8 weeks old, so we can't bring them to the vet before that and we always keep them 24 hours after their vet visit to make sure that all puppies are fine and don't have any issues or too much stress at the same time. Keep in mind that it is stressful for them to go to the vet and then be weaned from their mother and siblings and to be in a new environment ( your house) with strange people. We think it's too much at the same time, that's why we want to keep them at least another 24-48 hours after their vet appointment. 

*We will announce our new puppies arrival with a picture of the whole litter but we will  wait till they are 3 weeks old before we give more information or pictures of them, is new for us (and NOT easy). The first few weeks are critical for puppies (not all puppies survive) and hard on the moms to always have their puppies messed with by us. We receive several emails a day. Most emails  from excited families wanting to know about the litter and we just don't have the answers yet. When the puppies reach 3 weeks old we will have a better idea regarding coats, size, build and maybe even a bit of personality. Hopefully by waiting to announce litters we won't confuse families with answers that could change over the first few weeks, we won't stress out our moms, and we won't have to announce devastating news if a puppy has passed.

Purchase Agreement- We reserve the right to change and revise these contracts whenever we so choose. We will always keep them updated on this website.

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