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Bailey: Chowdoodle F1 ( 3 years old)

Baily is as smart as she is beautiful. We are always asked about her because she is so pretty. Best of all, Bailey loves her family! She is very attached to us and wants to be wherever her people are. She loves to sit on the couch watching out the window during the day; we always know when someone is at the door! We have a very active house with kids, another. dog & birds. She does well with the chaos of our household. She is the best dog we have ever had! She's incredibly smart, doesn’t shed, is healthy, and very loving. She crate trained easily and after she outgrew her puppy stage (about a year) she really mellowed out. She is about a medium level of energy and is very well behaved. Her daily mission is to hunt for lizards (and wow is she fast!} or chase rabbits & squirrels for fun. She loves the cold weather ( I bet she’d love snow!) and we choose to keep her short in the warmer months. We have fallen in love with the Chowdoodle mix and will definitely add another to our pack.

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We love her so much, she is the perfect combination of sweetness and playfulness! She was the perfect addition to our family!

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Thor F1B Chowdoodle

Thank you so much for allowing us to add more live to our family! Thor is fitting right in and getting lots of love 😍 We also referred a family friend to you today by giving them your website today because they are also looking for a fur baby. Thanks again, The Rivera family Sent from my iPhone

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Chowdoodle F1 4 years old

That is amazing! Is Dolly her sister then? Since we got her, I have been wanting another just like her! We have even thought about cloning her lol

Yes, you can put this on your website. Her name is Cocoa. She is such a loving and kind pup. She loves attention and has an amazing temperament. She truly is the perfect family dog! 


Hulk F1B Chowdoodle

14 weeks old 

I just found myself on your site tonight and was pleased to see more puppies! I can't get enough of our baby Bernard (Formally Hulk) and wanted to share some pics of him and his new animal family! He is such a sweet and smart puppy!! So glad we found you guys :) 



F1B Labradoodle

Hello, I hope you are still able to get emails at this address.  My girls wanted me to be sure to send you this picture of Teddy (purple pup from the Jan. 31 labradoodle litter).  He’s about 21 pounds now, and he’s such a sweetheart!  He’s teething of course so we have plenty of chew toys and such, but he’s also very smart and picks up what we’re teaching him quickly.  We will be able to take him to a puppy kindergarten class in early June to meet & learn with other puppies.  We just wanted you to know that we love him so much, and he’s such a wonderful little boy (getting bigger quickly!), and we’re so happy with him.  He’s been a wonderful addition to our family, and he loves us too :-)
I hope you are doing well,
Courtney B.

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F1 ( first generation) Chowdoodle

He is doing absolutely great!!!He loves being with us and his new home!!  We love him so much!! Best addition to our family!!


Standard Poodle

We are so in love with Sir Onyx! At 4 months he can sit, lay, jump and hand shake on request. He even knows his name! Working getting him house trained. He is such a smart fun loving pup.


F1 Chowdoodle 4 months old and a half

Good afternoon!

How are you guys? We are great...our F! Black doodle named Remy is absolutely perfect! He is like a stuffed animal, so cuddly and smart. Our Bernese mountain dog is still a little afraid of him if you can imagine and our yorkiepoo is still being bossy. Remy is getting tons of attention and Love and I believe he is the best puppy we have ever had, I can't wait to see what he looks like when he grows up. I am so glad that he was the last puppy left in that litter because I may not have chose him but I believe he is perfect for us and meant to be ours!

Just in the short time we have had him he is amazing, I’m so glad my daughter found your website. Who knows I may need to have another one at some point! As an aside, we were very impressed that you gave us a leash, harness, shampoo food etc. I have never had that with the other dogs I have gotten from breeders. The dogs are probably so wonderful because you guys really care about them sometime I would love to come see your place with all your puppies!!




F1B Chowdoodle

Good morning thank you so much for the puppy, she is so well behaved and very easy to train. Very very smart dog I can’t wait to get another one. Everyone that sees her wants her.


F1B Boxerdoodle

She’s doing great and is a sweetheart. Got done with her check up everything checked good. Sent from my iPad

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F1B Labradoodle

I just wanted to send you a few new pictures of Pepper since she will be 6 months old next week! She is such a good dog. We love her so much! She just finished up her AKC STAR puppy certification and will be starting her Good Citizen class in August. Our nextdoor neighbors bought a poodle from you "vanilla". He and Pepper are best friends and love to play together. Thanks for allowing us to add Pepper to our family!

She has such a beautiful coloring on her coat. She weighs 32lbs right now. This is her medal from the STAR puppy certification.


Standard Poodle

Hi there, just wanted to share how Vanilla, now Teddy is doing. He is doing fine. Still being a puppy, learning new commands. He has a lot of energy. 


F1B Labradoodle Phantom ( black/tan)

Hey, I am so sorry. Roscoe is doing great! He such a wonderful pup. He has been so much fun and follows me around everywhere. I recently moved to a home with a fenced backyard and he still insist that I come outside with him. Give me a moment and I’ll send some pictures.


F1B Boxerdoodle 4 months

Good morning! 

Thanks for the reminder to send pictures. Felix is doing great! We had a vet appointment this weekend where he got the last of his shots. He is 16.3 lbs, full of energy, and as sweet as can be. We have had multiple people ask where we got him and we happily pointed them to your website. He is a bit tricky to photograph due to his jet black fur and constant movement, but I’ve included some recent ones below


Male F1 Chowdoodle 4 months old and a half.

Bosch is doing great! We just got back from a long road trip to Maine and Cape Cod. He enjoyed hiking and going to the beaches in the cooler weather. He is an amazing hiker. He is growing so fast! He weighs 26 pounds now. He loves children and other dogs. He loves car rides and visiting new places. He always likes to stay right near us. He is so smart and sweet. He follows without a leash and follows all commands. He is an amazing dog! We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thank you!


F1B Boxerdoodle ( 4 months old)

Tucker has been the easiest puppy I’ve ever house trained. He had almost no accidents inside. He’s better in his crate and he LOVES to eat!!!  I’m so happy to have him! 🐶🥰   He’s also very silly and follows me everywhere I go 💞


F1B Boxerdoodle ( 4 month old)

Hi she is doing great has a very sweet personality and loves to play 🙂 definitely can’t imagine my life with out her now. Named her JosieSent from my iPad


F1B Chowdoodle 4 months old

Hello I wanted to give you an update on Ava she is now 4 months in and she is such a smart dog like wow she picks up quickly training was a breeze and she learned to house party on her own she knows not to do a number 1 or 2 in the house with out me training her on it. Everyone loves her and she is so friendly with everyone also other dogs 🐕. People can’t believe she’s a chow doodle and I always recommend you as the breeder.I also sent a video below


F1B Boxerdoodle 4 months and a half old.

He’s doing incredible!! I named him Dallas. I can’t tell you the amount of compliments he gets daily lol. Yes I am very  very proud. Beautiful and smart puppy. 

Boxerdoodle noel.jpg

Boxerdoodle 8 months old

Chris Nooney

Merry Christmas from Archie from your 4/27 boxer-doodle litter. He is so sweet, 44lbs and still growing, a wonderful puppy.

boxerdoodle whiskey 8 mths.jpg

Boxerdoodle 8 months old

Sara Taylor

Jack aka Whiskey from your 4/27 boxer doodle litter. We couldn’t be more in love! He is 43 lbs.


F1B Boxerdoodle

Merry Christmas! We love this guy so much! He is the sweetest!Growing so big already 29 lbs at 5 months.

moka chowdoodle.jpg

F1B Chowdoodle

Hannah Iolani

We have a chowdoodle from you and love him so much. He has great temperament!

lambo labdoodle.jpg

F1B Labradoodle

He is doing great. So good with his temperament. We love him. I have attached pictures of him to this video.


Loki: F1B Chowdoodle at 1 year old

Good afternoon,Bentley (Loki) is now 46 pounds. He has a very sweet temperament, and is very gentle with our 1 year old. He is a fast learner and a very good boy!Sent from my iPhone


F1BB Chowdoodle 12 weeks old

Jaxon is doing very well.  He already know 3 commands to Sit, Down and Touch.  


F1B Chowdoodle 4 months and a half

Bouboule ( Chowdoodle) and Gunner's ( std poodle) baby


F1B Chowdoodle 1 year

Bouboule and Camo's baby


F1 Chowdoodle 1 year

Leona ( chow chow) and Camo's ( std poodle) baby


F1b Chowdoodle

Bouboule and gunner's baby